Protectors & Bosses is a collection that you can mint as NFTs.

Mint Collection to participate in trading contest. MINT PRICE 20K C4C

In a world where virtual reality and blockchain technology have merged, the Crypto 4 A Cause (C4C) project has created a new system of levels and roles for users who own and use LMEC NFTs. These digital gatekeepers provide protection and other benefits in the virtual world.

As a new player in this virtual world, you begin as a neutral, with no NFTs to your name. However, you soon learn that the path to power and success lies in acquiring and upgrading your NFTs. You set your sights on becoming a hunter, and after 30 days of staking your four LMEC NFTs, you are granted the title.

As a hunter, you are tasked with attacking only the highest levels of players: kings, presidents, and other hunters. You team up with other hunters and trappers, using your cunning and strategy to take down your enemies and advance to the next level.

But not everyone in the virtual world plays by the rules. There are those who choose to become rogue players, attacking anyone and everyone in their path. These rogue players have found portals to weapon habitats, where they have acquired custom farmed NFTs to give them an edge in battle. The only way to defeat a rogue is with the help of a king or president, or by separating them from their LIONSMANE NFTS.

As you progress through the levels, you have the opportunity to create and own businesses, earn in-game currency, and even throw events and parties for other community members. But with great power comes great responsibility, and as a king or president, you must defend your kingdom and help your neighboring neutrals if they are under attack.

In the end, it is a constant battle for power and control in the virtual world of the C4C project. Will you rise to the top as a king or president, or will you fall prey to the conniving traps of the trappers and the cunning strategies of the rogues? The choice is yours.


Each ScamMercenary is unique. Find the rarest ones among 3,000 possible combinations.

  • 2495
    66% – Common
  • 2312
    20% – Rare
  • 2354
    5% – Epic
  • 893
    1% – Legendary


  • 1304

    3.000 unique ScamMercenaries

    Each Protector or Boss is generated automatically by combining traits.
  • 996

    Marketing community wallet

    We will create a shared wallet to fund the best community projects.
  • 1

    Truly yours

    You can do everything you want with your ScamMercenaries. Even resell, stake, farm them!


  • 1

    Scam Mercenary merch

    Exclusive ScamMercenary merch is coming soon! Buy cool stuff like tees, mugs and stickers 🔥

  • 2

    Exclusive club

    All holders will be invited to the exclusive DAO club, where they will be able to hang out, VOTE, and play cool games.

  • 3

    Scam Assaults

    Bring your Scam Mercenaries NFT's to the metaverse! Stake and farm for C4C/DoDO. Stay tuned for more metaverse updates.


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